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OK Thanks again for participating Here are the ‘Death of Glory’ Winners
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Finally I wish to pimp:
ani_icon_chall- a contest for animated films current challenge 'Tarzan and Jane'
musicalicontest- a contest for musicals: Current Challenge the Animated film 'Anastasia'
abc_dis_stills-A contest for ABC/Disney TV Fandoms Current Challenge: 'Hannah Montana'
gh_icontest-A contest for the soap General Hospital Current Challenge 'The Character Spinelli and his portrayor Actor Bradford Anderson'
soapy_lims-A Last Icon Maker standing for Soaps(daytime and prime and yes Degrassi counts!!!) where YOU claim the character you wish to icon-Sign Ups going on NOW
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It’s been fun but I’m thinking of taking an indefinite break from this are the winners of the ‘It’s Tricky’ Challenge
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below is the vote for our final challenge ‘Death or Glory’
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Also if you are interested join soapy_lims and in my eyes I see Degrassi as a soap so join and claim your fave Degrassi Character and join the party
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I'm extending the DEATH OR GLORY contest/IT'S TRICKY Votes for a week hopefully more then the same 2 people will enter/vote....if we don't get more activity I may just close down

also check out
abc_dis_stills-an ABC/Disney TV + Actor contest the voteing for the 'Bad Boys' challenge and the new 'Soap Weekend' contest will be up later tonight

gh_icontest-a contest for the soap General Hospital...on a mini hiatus for thanksgiving a new contest will be up on Saturday or Sunday

100pixel_awards-a multi fandom awards comunity where you nominate your favorite icons in a series of catagories
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Sara Fisher, Degrassi, Actress

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